Mayor Betty Esper, Homestead Pa. Oil on paper 18" x 12"

His Holiness, Pope Francis Oil on paper 24" x 18"

John Lewis A man of Conscience, Courage & Integrity. Oil on paper 12" x 9"

Felix oil on canvas 18"x18"

Rafael oil on paper 18" x 24"

Chronic Illness oil pastel & micron 18" x 12"

Bull Harris oil on cardboard 38" x 42"

oil on canvas 18" x 24"

A boy and his dog oil & oil pastel on paper 12"x9"

Laos And Her Hopes & Dreams from Garden of Earthly Delights production oil on cardboard 54" x 48"

selfie. oil pastel and pencil on paper 18"x 12"

Your Moment of Zen oil & oil pastel on wood block 10"x10"

Hillary oil pastel on paper 9" x 6"

Strong Woman Oil, Oil Pastel and Pencil on paper 18" x 12"

Untitled. Oil with palette knife on paper. 18' x 12"

Triple Goddess. Oil and Oil Pastel on paper. 18" x 12"

pre-existing condition oil on canvas 24" x 18"

Robert Lesko. Oil on paper. 12" x 9"

19th century Cait oil on cardboard 18" x 18"

Cait in studio. oil pastel 18" x 12"

Cait oil pastel on paper 9" x 6"

after Gib Singleton oil pastel on paper 18" x 14"

impressionistic german oil on cardboard 18" x 18"

Will Power oil on canvas 16" x 11"

Marty oil on paper 30" x 22"

WOMEN’S RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS 3.5'x7' oil & oil pastel on cardboard. Will be on view in the UPSTANDERS!!! Exhibition at The Factory LIC during LIC Arts Open photo: Orestes Gonzalez

Happy Couple. Oil pastel, oil & pencil on paper. 14" x 11"